“Sucker Puch SUCKER PUNCHhas to be the most misunderstood film of the century” AND THIS MOVIE HAS AESOME QOUTES ASWELL

THIS MOVIE IS FREAKING fUN AND AWESOME YOU ARE IN FOR A RIDE !Don’t mind the ratings/scores given by the critics, they are stupid and never gave a thought of what the movie is ,SUKER PUNCH deserves a 9.8 score on IMDB and 100 on Rotten Tomatoes! Don’t mind the negative reviews those are just narrow minded people ,read the reviews that give this film a thought and high rating, A lot of critics say that this film is a total gril power mo, BUt HELL  NO! they say it doesn’t have a script ,HELL NO! that’s the magic of it!, let me testify.(SPOILER ALERT, if you haven’t watched the movie i suggest you do because you will not understand my explantion about this movie) I heard nothing but bad things about this movie, and I finally saw it. I fell in love with it. Everything about it was so great,the visuals and the movie’s awesome soundtrack.

this film is one of the greatest films ever made, this is way better than Inception, in the film,

they keep telling you that “Its you who holds the power over the worlds you create” and its true you get to choose/believe in whatever you think happened in the film, whether Babydoll accidentally shot her sister or framed by her father, whether babydoll is real or the girls or they could just be a pigment of SweetPea’s imagination, there are a lot more theories that you get to choose how to end. but them (the girls: baby doll,sweetpea,rocket,blondie and amber)are  using their bodies sexually, to get what they need but instead of thinking they are being raped/abused they turn them into action packed fantasies or everything is normal but Babydoll or Sweet pea sees the mental Asylum Through the eyes of a crazy person. You decide

this film has little dialogues and an and the story line really quick, but thats the best part of it , SO PAY ATTENTION while watching. It’s an incredible ride led by the excellent acting of those gorgeous creatures and genius directorial mind, as well as the superb editing and CGI. And pay attention to the qoutes to further understand the movie I suggest you read the reviews on IMDB

sources IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes, Google IMages


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