CIRCLE is another Indie/B-Movie, THERE are thousands among Thousands of films, most of the Movies today aare ugly and most of them are softcore porn or remakes of something, This movie has an original idea , like The Tower ,Paralells and It Follows , AND SAW(because of the rooms, not the gore)

Reminiscent of other one-room thrillers like Cube and Exam, Circle treads similar ground by offering audiences a plot driven by human condition, ethics and morality.

50 people ,complete strangers .Trapped in a room who quickly come to realise that they have to vote who will die next, each death at 2-minute intervals. What we see is the obvious discussions and arguments regarding race, sexuality, who has lived the most valid life, should the oldest be first, etc. … anything that can be argued to be a black mark against somebody who isn’t you, so that they you have a reason for them to be the next victim (and you to live). The film moves along at a good pace, it never felt like it was dragging. I found the acting to be pretty good and the twist at the end was a surprise.

Source Rotten Tomatoes


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